Renting Wedding Gowns

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Renting Wedding Gowns

Renting Wedding Gowns

So you have just completed your budget and the next thing left is finding your wedding gown, venues and all other requirements for a wedding, right?. If this is you welcome to this post and I will be sharing with you how the simple process goes. One thing you will search thoroughly is your wedding dress. The process can be exhausting sometimes. I mean due to reasons like making appointments at different bridal shops and that’s not all, there’s probably the possibility of alterations. Whether you are buying or renting, the search will need some time.

Hiring a wedding gown in Singapore

Well, if you opt to go the rental way, this is the common process involved.

1. Search for a company that hires out gowns,
2. Select your desired wedding gown,
3. Ask about the terms and conditions,
4. Pay the hiring price plus a security deposit,
5. Fill out the hiring agreement form,
6. Use the gown for the agreed days,
7. Return the gown to the company,
8. Use your form to, therefore, get back the deposited security fee.

Below are the details.
The process is that simple. First, look for a company that offers wedding gown hiring services. Select a wedding gown you love and fit it to make sure it fits you well. Most companies will not agree to do any alteration on the gown. Enquire about the hiring cost summed up with the security deposit fee. Also, how long can you hire the gown(5 days or weeks)?. Plus if the cleaning will be done by you or the company. Once you have all the answers, go ahead and fill in the hiring agreement form which will be your receipt. For e-commerce, the form may be done electronically.

Hiring Your Gown

Enjoy wearing the gown on the wedding day. Be careful not to stain the gown to the extent of damaging it because this might make you incur additional charges when claiming your security fee. After you are done with the gown, you can call the company to pick the gown up or return the gown depending on your agreement.

Returning The Gown

Most importantly some companies also accept the gown to be returned by another person beside you hence allowing you more time to plan and enjoy your honeymoon. The person you send will collect the deposit fee on your behalf if they present the hiring form. But in most cases, the company will get in touch with you to verify. So do not worry about the return process. Renting dresses is almost similar to this for most companies because of the steps involved. Certainly, you will also be able to rent bridesmaids dresses too. Flower girl dresses maybe rented but they are mostly bought.

Some companies also rent out tuxedos for the groom. If both of you are planning on renting your wedding outfits, Visit the company together. Similarly, like the wedding gown rental, the groom will follow the same procedure. The visits to these bridal shops and companies will surely increase your love chemistry.

With that knowledge go ahead and hire a wedding gown if you are on a budget. But if you can afford a great new gown, go for it since this day is meant to be special. Hiring wedding gowns can be that simple. Stay connected by following us on Instagram and all our social platforms hence getting updated on our upcoming trends. Also, sign up for our newsletter to be updated in real time.

Other requirements for most weddings.

After the preparations for hiring wedding gowns is over, the majority of couples nowadays hire limousines. The vehicle will also include a red carpet and a chauffeur may be provided. The vehicle always picks the bride from her location and transports her to the venue. This wedding experience if it goes as smoothly as planned, is one of the most beautiful feelings in life for both the bride and the groom. As the famous Miley Cyrus song feeling myself goes, you will surely be feeling yourself. (Or I should have mentioned a gospel song).

Wedding cakes

The next step involved will be to look for a cake. Most couples prefer custom made cakes. Sometimes this might cost a lot but above all, the day is supposed to be special and therefore, the need for perfection and joy is a requirement. Common cakes customizations are brides and grooms on the cake. You can get a little creative and provide the makers with your design or idea. The size of the cake might depend on your guest list.


The wedding location is also something to consider. The prices for most venues depend on the guest size. The more the guests the higher the prices. Sometimes event planners might sum up the cost of venue and tents plus music systems. Since the venue prices depend on the guest size, you should consider fewer guests. But the problem with this is that you will miss out on a lot of fun. You know how some guests just bring fun to the wedding. For example, crazy dancing moves like the ones below. In fact, this is among the top reasons why I like attending weddings.


There is also photography. You will need to pay a or some professional photographers. Probably some will cost higher but the majority will work with the price you will agree on. After all this is done and you have returned your wedding gown, finally, the last process will be the honeymoon.


Most couples go to exotic destinations while others choose to do it locally. Whichever the case, the honeymoon will always be great and many couples anticipate this moment. This is because, after all the exhausting day, You are finally left alone. Just picture a cool romantic place like in this picture below where both of you are alone. Very quiet and peaceful. Great isn’t it?


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there is nothing to worry about. I hear there are Whatsapp groups and wedding committees. Let them pay, just kidding but on a serious note though, try to reduce your expenses as much as possible if the expense is not within your budget. An example is by hiring wedding gowns, renting cheaper venues, Limo is not a must. Try to negotiate better prices with Mc’s, Dj’s and photographers.

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